- Are you interested in elves?


- Did you know that 54% of the Icelandic nation belives that elves exist?

- And would you love to spend one plesant afternoon in listening to true stories of friendship between elves and Hidden People and Icelanders in recent times, and eat pancakes and drink coffee or tea in the meanwhile?

    ... Then the Elfschool might be for you ...

“Particularly fascinating”
“We enjoyed the Elfschool very much. The school lived up to my expectations since I was interested in learning more about how elves and hidden people are a part of Icelandic culture and history. The retelling of the stories of elf encounters was particularly fascinating ... I would have enjoyed listening to this for a much longer time. The pancakes and coffee during the break was very nice also“. - Eivind Jensen. US.

“I really enjoyed this afternoon, the whole atmosphere of this ok bit special place. But hey, thats how it it is and makes it unique. Magnus is very authentic in his way of telling stories and acting with his "students", making jokes etc. Its not a typical school class. It is the atmosphere and the whole spirit around him and how he tells stories and how he talks about the Icelandic culture. Good to understand the Icelandic culture and why elves and hidden people are part of life in Iceland...” - Klaus Jenter. Germany.

“Captivating & Wonderful”
“Its impossible to be in Iceland and not hear about Elfs, Hidden people & Trolls. Attending the school on day one was a great idea. It was much more than I expected, a good mix of storytelling and history with lots of opportunity to ask questions throughout. ... I thorougly enjoyed it.” - Tom Carter. US.

“Very interesting”
“This is your must to see in Reykjavik when you are interested in Iceland an its special relation to paranormal and elfs. Magnus is a very warm and gentle teacher making lessons lively and interesting. Many exciting stories about real happened events between "normal" Icelanders and elves. ... Also questions about history and society of Island will be answered . Unforgettable are the pancakes in the break. I would love to come back.” - Linda Oneill. Canada.

- Do you want to know why 54% of Icelanders believe that elves exist?

- And do you want to know where these elves live, and what they look like?

- And do you want to know everything that is known about their culture, tradition and habbits?

- And do you want to know why so many elves and Hidden people are in Iceland? - Much more than seems to be in any other Western country?

- And do you want to understand what these "other dimensions" are (which the elves and the Hidden people claim that they live in), and what we know about that, as well as what the psychic ability is (or the sixth sense), that seem to be the main way to see or sense these friendly beings?

- And do you want to meet one of the most psychic person in Iceland for about 15 to 20 min, that has seen elves and Hidden people all his life, as well as dead people all days of his life? And to hear his explanation of how he sees these beings and how they look to him. And also to hear personal and detailed descriptions on them by first hand witness to you? And if you have any questions for him concerning his psychic ability and how it is living with that in a modern society and culture?
(The elf-witness normally only arrives on Friday-sessions in the Elfschool).

- And do you want to hear true stories and explanation of real and deep friendship between present living Icelanders and elves, that sometimes has lasted for lifetime, - for a very little and fair school-fee (just 54€, or 59$)?

... Then the Elfschool might really be something for you ...

- And do you want to meet one of the best expert in the world in elves and Hidden people, and Nature spirits in general, - and hear his lectures, - and have a chat with him after, - and ask him also all the questions you might have in mind about all this, - for about 3 to 4 hours, (and eat pancakes with cream and jam, - or the best bread in the country, - in the meanwhile)?

... Then you should enter the Elfschool during your stay in Iceland ...


But what is the Elfschool and what is it not? ...

The Elfschool is about two lecturers, before and after the coffee-break, - with the bread and the pancakes and other delicious things the school offers to all its students (for free) aside the teachings of this strange phenomena in Iceland. The background of this folklore is looked at, with a critical and historical view but also a lot of true stories of friendship between Icelanders and these mythical beings in modern times are told to the students in the school. - About 2/3 of the school is the telling of all these different stories of this very unique but real friendship in recent time. - Stories that all of them have been collected by the headmaster of the Elfschool himself from the witnesses in the last forty years or so. None of these stories have been published jet, but some of them will hopefully be published in the coming years.

The Elfschool is neither a strict academic foundation, nor teaches only the "accepted" view of this very strange phenomena. Because the view of most academics in the world more or less deny the real existence of most or all nature spirits. That is one of the main reason why this subject is hardly never explained in this manner as here, nor in any other school or educational foundations in the world that we know of... (And this is also the reason why a lot of academics do not like how we approach this subject in general, and how these things are looked at and tought here...

The Elfschool is a soft and a nice introduction of what elves and Hidden people in Iceland seems to be, and most likely are in reality according to our view here on the subject. - The schools´ approach to all this phenomena is, first - second and third from the view of the witnesses and their experience of this, of those that have had a little or a large or a lot of personal encounter and personal experience of these very nice beings here in these "other dimensions", and how the real and most likely the true experience of that seems to be in the core of the reality we are facing in this all. And the students in the Elfschool will hear stories of real and sometimes deep friendship between Icelanders and the elves and the Hidden people in modern time of most or all of these views we teach here... - And have in mind that elves and Hidden people have directly or undirectly saved a lot of lifes of Icelanders through these 12 centuries, - since our ancestors the wikings first settled down here in Iceland in the year of 870, and others most likely also before that too...

... And if you would love to look into this very unique side of this mythical phenomena - the witnesses experiences specially, then you should definitely go to the Elfschool when you arrive to Iceland. ...